Selasa, 02 April 2013

White Oxford Shirt

Oxford shirt has become increasingly popular today. At first, the Oxford shirt is made for men. However, now you can also find Oxford shirt specifically designed for women. Oxford shirt is worn by people to get neat and dressy look. Oxford shirt is traditionally available in white color. White oxford shirt is still popular to this day, but now you can choose oxford shirt in other attractive colors.

In the older times, people wore oxford shirt to get neat and dressy look. They wore the shirts during formal activities, such as attending interview and working in the office. Today, it has been common to wear oxford shirt for casual activities. The shirt is available in a wide selection of colors and patterns. To get formal look, some people remain faithful to wear white Oxford shirt. What about you? Do you like modern or traditional Oxford shirt?

Oxford shirt is characterized by the presence of buttons, sleeve cuffs and collar. The shirt is called 'Oxford' because its main material is Oxford cloth. Oxford cloth is a traditional cloth made from natural cotton. The cloth may be first made in Oxford, England. Therefore, people call it Oxford cloth. Today, many manufacturers have made shirts in the model of Oxford shirt. So, you do not need to go to England to get the shirt. The shirt must be available in any department stores near your home.

Modern Oxford shirt comes in a variety of attractive patterns and colors. However, the traditional white Oxford shirt has never lost its fans. By wearing the shirt, people can look neat and dressy effortlessly. The material of the white Oxford shirt also tends to be more natural. You must be very comfortable when wearing the shirt. White Oxford shirt is perfect to wear when the weather is hot.

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