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Marie Claire Magazine Reviews

Almost all women love to read magazines. And one of the most famous women's magazines in the world is Marie Claire magazine. The magazine was originally published only in French, but now it has been published in other countries. You can even find the magazine in the United States. In each country, Marie Claire magazine have different content. However, the magazine generally focuses to present topics on fashion, beauty and even health. Those are topics that are favored by women.

Marie Claire magazine was founded by two people. They are Marcelle Auclair and Jean Prouvost. The magazine was first published in France in about 1937. If we are not mistaken, Marie Claire magazine was a weekly magazine, published every Wednesday. However, the magazine now has turned into a monthly magazine. Since about 1976, Jean Provost is no longer active in managing the magazine. Management of the magazine was forwarded by Prouvost 'daughters named Evelyne.

In the United States, Marie Claire magazine first published in 1994. The magazine has its main office in New York. You can find the branch offices of the magazine in a few locations: New England, Detroit, Midwest, etc. In England, Marie Claire magazine has its main office in London. Marie Claire UK edition is favored by British women. The magazine focuses on presenting topics on beauty, fashion, celebrities, shopping, horoscopes, etc. You can also access the magazine online through their website marieclaire.co.uk.

Marie Claire magazine now can be found in many countries, including in Asia. The magazine is presenting topics that are very attractive to women. If you are a woman who gives great attention to fashion, beauty and health, then you need to subscribe to the magazine. If you do not want to spend money just for the sake of a magazine, you can simply access the magazine’s articles for free through their website.

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